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Announcing the Release of Strategic Law Firm SEO: A Guide to Modern Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms

Strategic Law Firm SEO focuses exclusively on teaching law firm marketers what they have to do to achieve high search engine rankings today. SEO has changed considerably in the last several years. Techniques that worked last year may no longer be appropriate, and may even be harmful. Yet certain classic SEO tactics, such as sound on-page optimization, are still very much relevant and needed. This book bridges the gap, illustrating for lawyers how to optimize their websites for the 2012 search environment.

Topics include on-page optimization; link building using a variety of techniques; social bookmarking; how to distribute articles and establish a high level of author credibility with Google; blogging; online publicity; the content distribution cycle; local search optimization, including Google Places; and social media, especially as it relates to improving search engine rankings. There is a strong emphasis on content creation, as this has become an increasingly important aspect of a modern search engine optimization campaign. The book focuses more on strategy and less on specific tactics, and is based on the real-world techniques that Virtuoso Legal Marketing uses to promote its legal clients’ websites.

“When we did the first book (The Law Firm Internet Marketing Book) in 2008, we covered a lot of areas beyond just SEO, such as paid search marketing,” said author Jerry Work. “It also contained a lot of step-by-step directions that quickly became outdated. For this book, we wanted to be much more focused on SEO, which provides a higher long-term ROI than paid search, and we wanted to concentrate more on high level strategies and a little less on the step-by-step stuff. There is still plenty of specific direction, but I think the new book has more longevity and value to the reader.”

Strategic Law Firm SEO is available in a 132 page soft-cover printed format at, in Kindle digital format, or as a PDF download. For a limited time, the book can be obtained for free at its website, Virtuoso Legal Marketing has also created a free email course, and is in the process of creating a series of videos, based on the content of the book.
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