7 Reasons You MUST Call Us Today!

Are you experiencing frustration with your Internet marketing? Is your website doing nothing to generate leads for your firm? Are you stuck on page two or lower in Google? Then the message on this web page is going to be extremely important for you.

I am going to give you seven specific reasons that you should call my company today and arrange a phone appointment time to have a discussion about your website marketing. I guarantee that even if you don’t hire us, you will learn some extremely useful concepts about search engine marketing just by reading this letter. You will know how to tell if your current search engine marketing is working or not.


These days, everybody claims to do search engine marketing. If you build websites, you’re automatically an expert at promoting websites. If you’re in advertising, you’re automatically an expert at search engine advertising.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Look, if you need a website built, or an email campaign, we can make it happen. We take pride in being able to facilitate whatever our clients need as it pertains to their Internet marketing. But the thing that we love doing…the thing that we live and breathe to do…is search engine marketing. We do it every day. We have all kinds of documented cases of achieving fantastic search engine rankings and doubling or quadrupling organic search engine traffic for our clients.

Don’t let a “generalist” take a half-hearted approach to promoting your website. You need high search engine rankings, and you need the traffic. There are people searching online right now for a law firm to represent them in your market and practice area. Those search engine leads are either going to go to you or one of your competitors.


Again…avoid using a generalist to promote your site. It only takes a very small advantage to gain a huge edge on your competition. You are well-served to work with a company that spends enough time in the world of law firm internet marketing to know how to write the web page copy that search engines look for…where to look for links that will raise your rankings…what keywords you should be using.

Hire a specialist.


We’re not a big company. But we’re a “no fluff” staff. Law Firm Internet Marketing Inc. is a sister company to Work Media LLC. Work Media is an Internet marketing firm that I founded in 2005. Prior to its founding, I was the Manager of Search for Shop at Home TV in Nashville. I first started doing SEO around 2000, when not many people knew what the heck I was talking about.

In 2006, my brother, Chris (who had been the Director of Internet Marketing for a large advertising agency specializing in law firm promotion) joined the company. Soon thereafter, my other little, Corey, joined, and the Work Brothers Internet Marketing Team was born. Work Media has worked with companies such as Honda Power Equipment, Bentley Systems (a high end engineering software company) Comdata (a large financial services company) and national home décor retailer Kirkland’s.

But the clients we always liked working with the most were law firms.

We recently hired Chris’s old boss, a guy with EVEN MORE experienced promoting law firms online than Chris or I have, to manage this new company.

If you work with us, your website is not promoted by interns. It is not promoted by kids fresh out of college. It is not promoted by non-English-speaking offshore contractors (more about that in a moment). When you work with Work Media, your website is promoted by guys in an office in Tennessee with a ton of real-world experience promoting law firm websites.

Our book The Law Firm Internet Marketing Book (available on Amazon.com) has been very well received by the legal marketing community. We consider it to be the premier guide for any law firm wanting to learn the strategies for successful online promotion.
It is a fact that a large portion of the search engine marketing services sold to American law firms is actually performed by off-shore contractors. A high percentage of those off-shore contractors are Indians.
I have worked with many people from India. They are fine, good-spirited people. They are very good at programming and logic-based tasks. Very smart folks. But in general, they are not good at using the English language. And a large part of search engine marketing involves making good use of English.
You need to be able to write compelling copy that reads professionally, demonstrates strong command of the language, and that represents your firm well.
If you remember nothing else from this letter, please remember the above statement, and apply it to what you are currently doing. Who is writing the articles and other material that is being used to promote your website online?
Are we as profitable as the companies in this industry that contract all their work to Indian search marketing companies? Heck no! Americans are expensive! But I would put our work up against anyone else’s in the world, including the quality of the content we write on behalf of our clients. Our work speaks for itself.
We like to keep things simple. If you are going to work with us, we make sure you understand from the beginning that it takes time to raise search engine rankings. We can use paid search to start driving traffic (and leads) immediately, but you’re going to have to spend some cash. Enough for us to have some data to look at figure out what the strategy is.
In other words, there is some pain involved initially.
So if you are a match for the kind of firm that should work with us, I have no doubt that you will stick with us long enough to start seeing results.
And if there is a misunderstanding about what should be happening, or your circumstances just change for the negative, we’d rather bow out than try to make you keep paying us. If your circumstances improve, and we haven’t started working with one of your competitors, we can fire things back up.
We really do try and make it easy for you to work with us. Our rates are reasonable, and no contract is required.
And we can get started TODAY.
Reason six: IF YOU ARE OUR CLIENT, WE WILL NOT REPRESENT ANY OTHER LAW FIRM FOR THE SAME MARKET AND PRACTICE AREA. Honestly…how the heck can the big companies in this industry actually claim to be doing everything they can to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings…and then do the same thing for TEN to THIRTY other web sites in the same market! By default, there are only ten listings on the first page of Google. You can’t squeeze thirty websites into ten spaces! The math just doesn’t work out.
If you don’t know how many of your competitors your current search marketing company is promoting, it is a question worth asking.
If you are a Law Firm Internet Marketing client, we work like heck to get YOUR site ranked at the top of Google for the top traffic-driving keywords for your market and practice area. There is never a competing interest with us.
The flipside of this is that if we are hired by one of your competitors first, we will be doing everything we can to beat your site. Search engine marketing is war. We play to win. If you’re not aggressively trying to push your website up the rankings, your competition will push you down. There is no standing still.
Do you feel 100% confident that your search marketing company is promoting your firm above any other?
As far as what it will cost to work with us…
Reason seven: Our services start at only $2 thousand per month. The more aggressive you want to be, the higher our fee will be to account for the extra work. But if you do billboard advertising or any kind of mass media advertising, $2 thousand is a drop in the bucket. And we really are not interested in working with firms unwilling to devote a minimum of $2 thousand per month to their organic search engine marketing. It is an investment with an excellent long-term return (ROI).
Speaking of ROI, we are a very ROI-driven company. We are determined for you to make money working with us. It only takes one of the right kind of lead to pay for our services forever.
Also on the matter of pricing, if we get stretched too thin, our fees will definitely rise. It’s simply supply and demand. So that’s another good reason to go ahead and get in touch with us.