Why Law Firms Should Use Autoresponders for Their Online Marketing

The use of an autoresponder to collect email addresses is a technique that has been abused by some Internet marketers because it works. But it is a rarely used strategy for law firm promotion. In the marketing world, any marketer knows it takes multiple exposures to a marketing message for it to get through to your prospects. With an autoresponder, you automatically feed a series of messages to people who have indicated they are interested. It is one-on-one marketing that lets you do a “soft sell” by subtly promoting your firm while giving away valuable, free information.

The first thing you need to do is create a series of articles that will be the foundation of your email series. A divorce lawyer, for example, might create a series of lessons on strategies to make sure you receive your fair share in divorce settlements.

The next step is to use your material from the first step to create a series of emails that will be sent out over time. I suggest you set the emails to go out once per week.

To automate the process of sending your emails out over time, you will need an autoresponder. There are many autoresponders available, but two that are reputable and well-known are aweber.com and getresponse.com. There may be a required investment in time to learn how to set up your emails and use the system. Once your messages are loaded, you’re ready to go!

All that’s left now is to set up a form on your web site that lets your visitors sign up.

With this strategy, you kill two birds with one stone: you get the contact information of visitors to your site; and you automatically contact those people multiple times.

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