Watch Out for Bad Comments

I’m gonna admit it. We at Virtuoso Legal Marketing are bad about watching for comments. Time is tight. You’re probably in the same boat. We do everything we can to post to some of our blogs as often as we can, but we don’t have time to sit around and look at every little detail.

Well, just today we noticed a strange spike in server activity for this very website. This site has some nice search engine visibility and gets some good traffic, but not enough to cause the massive flood of traffic the stats showed. As it turns out, for about the last month, we have been getting hammered by spam comments. But to make matters worse, we had the site wide open, so any comment got automatically posted without our approval. Big mistake.

Don’t let this happen to you in your law firm SEO campaign. This can cause several undesirable effects. For one thing, it can make you look bad (do you really want sex ads on your law firm website?). It can also drain your server resources, causing your website to slow down and possibly run up extra charges. And it can damage search engine rankings. That may be the worst part of all.

So watch your comments, if you use a website platform like WordPress that allows for comments. All comments should be moderated before appearing on your site. If you don’t have time to mess with it, just turn commenting off. Spam comments are likely going to far outnumber legitimate comments anyway.

There are a lot of little pieces to running an effective law firm marketing campaign, and comment management is definitely a little piece. But it’s a little piece that can make a major impact. Don’t let bad comments ruin your website!

New Law Firm Directory


Virtuoso has launched a new directory for law firm promotion. Directory submission is a very basic SEO strategy, but one that you should be using as a part of your overall search engine marketing plan. Directories that are focused on the legal industry are even more useful than general purpose directories for improving law firm search results. We invite you to add your link to help with your own site’s promotional campaign.

Add your law firm links here:

Are Your Article Submissions Doing You Any Good?

Article marketing is a highly effective search engine optimization strategy for law firms or any other kind of business. If done correctly, it gives you the ability to create many links to your site that contain your preferred keywords. At one time, we were proponents of a mass distribution strategy in which you would submit your site to every directory you could find. However, a recent trend among article directories (and many other content-heavy sites) has caused us to re-evaluate our strategy. The trend is that many article directories are now putting “no-follow” attributes in your links. This means that they will have little value for helping improve your search engine rankings. A better approach now is to focus on a small set of directories that you know are of high quality and that allow “do-follow” links. Two such recommended directories are and

Content Research Using’s Look Inside Feature

Content distribution as a search engine marketing technique has many benefits: it spreads your brand, it establishes your credibility, it generates keyword links (thus helping improve search engine rankings), and it even drives some direct traffic. The downside is that it can be a real drag. You, as the reader of this blog looking to promote his own legal web site, have a real advantage over me, the Internet marketer charged with writing articles on dozens of different subjects. You already know a lot about what you are writing about. However, that does not mean that it is never necessary for you to do some research, especially when trying to crank out articles for marketing purposes. So what follows is a strategy that will help anyone research topics and find material that can be used to write articles quicker.

The first place most people start is by searching Google. But you definitely have to wade through a lot of irrelevant (or just very poor) material like that. However, we’ve recently discovered that can be an excellent research tool.

The key is to use Amazon’s Look Inside feature. Look Inside allows you to search for and read passages from books in the Amazon catalog that contain specific keywords. You are only allowed to use this feature if you are a registered user on the site with an order history. So sign up for an account and go buy yourself something nice. Then you’ll be good to go.

Start by doing a book search based on your primary keyword. Then, scroll through the list of returned results and find a book that has the “Click to LOOK INSIDE” logo on top of the book cover image. Those are the books that you can search. Click the book cover.

On the next screen, you will see a search box labeled “Search Inside This Book.” Type your keyword in that box and perform another search. You will now be returned a list of links to passages in the book that contain the keyword. If you are a registered user with an order history, then clicking on the link will show you that passage.

Searching through a book like this will provide you with all kinds of information about a keyword from a real book written by a real expert, rather than marketing material written by amateurs.

Anyone can be a successful writer of online content for distribution if he takes the time to do his research. This process can be tedious, but using the best sources of information will make the process a whole lot easier. Content distribution is an outstanding law firm Internet marketing strategy that you should begin incorporating into your marketing plan today.