Our Services

Virtuoso Legal Marketing provides a full range of Internet marketing-related services to law firms. Whether your goal is to generate organic search engine visibility or to use social media to spread your brand, we can help you be successful.

Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”)
This is the process of doing certain things to cause your website to rank highly in Google and other search engines for search terms related to your market and practice areas. For example, if you are a personal injury law firm in Denver, you might want your website to appear on the first page of Google for the keyword “Denver personal injury lawyer.” SEO is how to make this happen.

Paid Search (“Pay per Click” or “PPC”)
This is advertising on a search engine or content network advertising platform such as Google AdWords. Paid search has several key benefits over traditional advertising. For one thing, it is highly targeted. If your market is Chicago, you can have your ads only show up in Chicago! Another major benefit is that, in most cases, you only pay if someone actually clicks your ad. No click? No pay!

Social Media Marketing
Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn…there are many pieces to the social media puzzle. Virtuoso Legal Marketing can help you craft a strategy for using social media to spread your brand, and help get a system in place for keeping your properties updated using a combination of automation and manual oversight.

Not sure what you need to do? We are available for hourly consulting to help you decide on the best way to market your firm and help you implement the technologies required to pull it off.