Law Firm SEO

Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) is the process of doing certain things to cause your firm’s website to rank highly in search engines for specific keywords. Notice the word “specific”? That’s the key. We help our clients identify the keywords that best match three criteria: they are highly relevant to the firm’s practice and markets; they generate sufficient traffic; and they are in a reasonable competitive situation. Once a specific set of keywords has been identified, then we go to work optimizing the firm’s website and building up a strong portfolio of links pointing to the site.

The law firm SEO process is time-consuming and work intensive. But if you have the patience and the wisdom to let the process play out, you will be amazed by the results.

Does it work? You bet! Here are just a few recent example rankings (of many more we could provide) earned for our clients.

Client Site Keyword Google Rank St. Louis injury attorney 1 St. Louis injury lawyer 2 Jones Act lawyer 2 maritime attorney 6 New Jersey criminal lawyers 6 New Jersey criminal attorney 8

The SEO process is divided into two phases: on-page optimization (optimizing the copy and code of your website for specific keywords) and off-page optimization (building a large catalog of inbound links pointing to your website). We utilize many different strategies for building our clients’ link catalogs. We make use of directories, article directories, social media, social bookmarking, blogs, and cross-promotion with other law firms, just to name a few. The process is laborious and time-intensive…but if done correctly, it works!

In the end, your website will rank on the first page of Google for numerous keywords related to your markets and practice areas…that’s free search engine traffic from people looking for exactly the services you offer. Long-term, SEO offers a fantastic return on investment.

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