Social Media Networking for Lawyers

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you have heard of, and possibly
already use, Facebook and Twitter. Right now, those two sites are the
kings of the social media universe. But there are many more sites that
comprise this universe: MySpace, LinkedIn, Squidoo, HubPages…way too
many to list here, and new social media networking sites pop up every day! It can
seem unmanagable, and many business owners give up on using social media
before they give it a chance.

Work Media can help you create and implement a systematic social media
campaign that will serve to spread your brand and marketing message,
create many high quality links to your web site, and generate highly
targeted direct traffic to your web site. We employ a proprietary social
media marketing matrix that helps us define exactly what sites we are
going to target for a particular client and a schedule for updating
the sites. Organization and leverage are the keys to effectively using
social media as part of your online marketing mix.

Social media marketing works hand-in-hand with content
. For example, a typical social media/content distribution
component of an online marketing campaign might flow like this:

1. You begin regularly publishing a blog using a platform such as Blogger.

2. You set up accounts at multiple social media sites like Tumblr,
WordPress and Live

3. You set up account at to update
all of the above accounts, including your main blog, at the same time.

4. You set up a Twitter account
and a Facebook account and configure to update them at the same time.

5. You stream your blog to your Facebook account.

6. For every two or three blog posts you compose, you combine some
of the content into an article, and then distribute that content to
various article directories, along with keyword links pointing back
to your web site.

The above six step process is a simplified example of the type of work
we do every day to leverage content we create and get it in front of
as many eyeballs as possible, while also building a catalog of links
pointing to our client’s web site.

Social media is a lot of work. Contact us today to talk in more detail
about how we can employ a social media marketing strategy to drive traffic
and generate leads for your business.

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