Twitter: Keep it Interesting!

After many months, I have updated my Twitter profile and uploaded an image of myself. I am no longer a brown squiggly. I will now post a minimum of one Twitter post a day (hopefully more if I can find the discipline). I feel good about this new initiative, although I’m going to have to give myself some visual reminders to post.

Are you on the Twitter yet? You may feel like sitting around typing little snippets about your life is a waste of time. And justifiably so. But here’s the lowdown. Twitter really can help you build up an online network of people who are interested in what you have to say; who can influence events in your life. It has a real world business purpose.

So start today. Sign up for an account. Add a custom background. Modify your profile. Replace the bland brown icon with a picture of yourself. Give people something to look at.

Your Twitter posts should: contain relevant keywords; be industry specific; and be interesting to read. Being funny sometimes ain’t a bad idea either. People need to enjoy reading your posts.

I’m a professional search engine marketer, but I’m a newbie at using Twitter. As I learn things, I will share them with you here. But I guess one thing I do know at this point is that you’ve got to make things interesting!

If you would like to check out my Twitter profile, my URL is:

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