Google’s New Policy for Drug-related AdWords Ads

We have a client for whom we created a custom landing page with its own domain name to go along with a new AdWords campaign related to a particular drug. We have successfully used this strategy a number of times in the past, but this time we noticed that Google was not displaying our ads. After inquiring as to the problem, we discovered that Google has a new policy regarding campaigns for drug lawsuits.

AdWords campaigns for drugs must now have ads that only point directly to the law firm’s web site, or a standalone site that does not link or redirect to another site. In this particular legal marketing campaign, our landing page had links to the main firm’s site. If we understand the rules correctly, the site would be acceptable if it did not link to our client’s main site. We will let you know more about this rule when we figure out exactly what the deal is. But in the meantime, if you are running paid search ads for drug cases, they should probably link to your main site.

Google Automatic Matching for Law Firms

Google just released a new feature for AdWords that is in beta trials called automatic matching. This could be useful for your the promotion of your law firm’s web site if you are not maxing out your budget every month.

The feature is intended to help you capture traffic that you may have missed because you didn’t have certain keywords in your account. It works by analyzing your account and displaying your ads for keywords that Google deems relevant, even if you have not specified to show ads for those keywords.

The amount of traffic your existing keywords receive is not supposed to be affected. So if you already spend all of your budget, then the feature probably won’t have any affect on your account. However, the pay per click market for legal terms is very expensive, so this might be a good way to get some additional traffic by letting Google automatically manage any budget that may be left over.

Google wants you to spend every dollar of your budget, so this is certainly helpful for Google because it helps the company maximize its revenue.

But is it good for law firm advertisers?

It depends. I would certainly not recommend increasing your budget just to let Google manage some of it for you. If the economics of your account are working in your favor, then it probably won’t make much difference. But if you are in a very expensive market (as most legal markets tend to be), then it might be a way to generate some additional targeted traffic.

The following links contain more information about pay per click placement: